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Your Home Heating Professionals

When it is cold outside you can still be cozy on the couch with furnace services from Glenn Lasher Home Comfort Service! We can install an energy-efficient furnace, or maintain your current one, whether it’s oil, gas, propane or electric.

Furnace Maintenance

An annual service call for your home furnace will not only help bring more warmth to your home, but do so more safely and efficiently. Why not save the comfort and energy expenses all at once? Call us today for a free estimate on furnace services!

Heat Return Ventilators

A heat return ventilator does wonders in reusing your home’s heated air. The heat is trapped and circulated by a network of tubes, which fresh outdoor air passes over. This ensures stale air, containing dust and bacteria is pushed out of your home, while providing healthy air from the outdoors.

We love these units because they save our customers money on energy costs, while keeping a healthy home, with fresh, clean air!

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