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Get the Dust and Dirt out of Your Ducts!

If you’ve ever had to remove dust or animal fur from an air return vent, then you may have wondered what else is in your duct system that you can’t see. With Glenn Lasher Home Comfort Service, we offer duct video inspections to show you the exact condition of your ductwork. Don’t worry - we wouldn’t let you see what goes on in there if we didn’t have a solution! Glenn Lasher Home Comfort offers year-round duct-cleaning, sanitizing and de-odourizing services for Odessa and the surrounding areas.

What’s in Your Ducts?

Because of the amount of air that passes through your home’s ductwork, there are a lot of things that get left behind. These can range from simple irritants such as dust and pet dander to the bacteria, mould, and fungus that should never be breathed in. This is especially true for those with asthma, or homes that have sustained fire or smoke damage.

We’ll show you what your ducts look like after the service so you can see the difference!

Breathe easier and knock out odours in your home – call Glenn Lasher Home Comfort Service today!

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